LED Lighting: Factors for innovative LED technology

Factors for innovative LED technology

With the breakthrough of LED as light source, the focus shifted to the lighting on the combination of optical and electronic elements, in short, to opto electronics. Along the entire value chain of LED technology and processes are continuously improved in order to achieve the goal of offering innovative products of efficient visual comfort. Optoelectronic competence means to master all the new challenges in an excellent manner: From the thermal management of electronic components on the development, efficient optics to optimize the operating gear and digital interfaces and the development of appropriate tools to control software. LED Lighting – Optics Projection and Reflection

Conventional point light sources emit their light in a solid angle of nearly 360 °, LEDs, however directed, from the outset, in a solid angle <180 °. So that losses can be due to scattered light or emitted light version (red in the drawing) to avoid. It also follows from the greater efficiency of transmission at lenses compared to reflection from reflectors, better efficiency, which is reflected in the resulting light output from the lamp. For the practice, it comes down to how much light is incident on the target. Thus, for example, compare the illuminance of radiators the same characteristics over a given distance in lx / W: jobs, too, the principle of projection with LEDs.

Projection: Spherolit

With LED lighting tools for directed light ERCO uses for light, control Spherolit as tertiary lenses. Technically and in the distribution patterns Spherolit base both on the patented Spherolit reflectors, which have been proven with conventional light sources. They offer both an excellent quality of light has many practical advantages for designers and users. The Spherolit is based on dividing a large lens or reflector surface in individual, three-domed facets that control the light by refraction or reflection. The transmission of light through the polymer Spherolit from lower losses than with reflection. The manufacturing process takes place from the complex calculation and computer simulation, the precision tooling to production under the umbrella of ERCO.