Mercedes Turns the High-Tech LED Lights on 2015 CLS Facelift

Instead of giving us the full picture, Mercedes-Benz has turned the spotlight on the 2015 CLS Coupe (okay, sport sedan) and Shooting Brake facelift’s front end, and in particular, the new all-LED MULTIBEAM headlamps featuring “adaptive light functions as a world first in a production automobile”, according to the Germans.

Before we share the technological details on the lights, let us tell you that from the teaser pictures of the AMG Sport Package (?) model, we see that the updated CLS has a reshaped front grille and a new bumper similar, if not identical in styling to the smaller CLA AMG Line.

In recent months, we also spotted the interior of the facelifted CLS that gets new buttons on the center console, a redesigned steering wheel and a standalone display for the infotainment system. Under the hood, Mercedes is rumored to introduce a new 9-speed 9G TRONIC transmission and its twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 gasoline unit delivering 329 hp (333PS) and 480 Nm (354 lb-ft) of torque.

Back to the new MULTIBEAM LED headlamps, the new main and high beam fixtures employ four fast responding, high-resolution precision LED light modules with 24 individual LED chips, each of which can be controlled electronically and independently from the others.

The four control units work together with a camera positioned behind the windscreen that feed the system with information to calculate the best possible light pattern 100 times per second and activate all 24 LEDs in lamp module separately. Mercedes says that, in high-beam operation, the range was increased by about 20 percent to about 485m or about 0.3 miles.

Along with the main-beam module, each MULTIBEAM LED headlamp includes an additional module for the low-beam headlamp with four LEDs, which can swivel outward by as much as twelve degrees offering an “anticipatory camera-based active light function”.

Another neat feature (you know, cool until something goes wrong and you’re out of warranty…) is the navigation-based light function for roundabouts that activates the cornering light function to the left and right before entering a circular intersection.

“The first LED headlamps with all the adaptive functions of the Intelligent Light System have been available to our customers since 2010 in the CLS”, commented Daimler board member Thomas Weber.

“With MULTIBEAM LED technology the headlamps now are able to react even more quickly, more precisely and individually to changing traffic conditions. On top of this, there are expanded functions of which a driver will become directly aware, such as anticipatory camera-based curve recognition with the active light function. With such features Mercedes-Benz once again is demonstrating its role as an innovation leader in the automobile industry,” he said.